The function classification of the metal decorative mesh

Decoration is to “materialize” various situations of life into the room. The design of the general room you have bought has been completed, and no major adjustments can be made, so the only thing left to move is the decoration. Because life is your own, you must personally intervene in the decoration process, not only during the decoration design and construction period, but also including long-term continuous improvement after living in.

The metal decoration net provides various services such as decoration pictures, decoration diaries, interior designers, decoration companies, decoration questions and answers, and decoration forums. The decoration network is the owner’s decoration exchange platform and designer community. It is also a platform for the owners, designers, decoration companies, and businesses to truly interact and share win-win situations.

The metal decoration network is a service breakthrough intended for decoration design service providers, decoration consumers, and technical design personnel in the decoration industry, forming a mesh information service platform in the decoration industry. It can provide professional and comprehensive information and graphic information for enterprise and family decoration.

Metal decorative nets can be divided into metal net curtains, metal drapery curtains, copper curtains, drapery curtains, spiral metal mesh curtains, decorative metal mesh curtains and curtain wall metal mesh curtains.